When I Grow Up

Lylia wants to be an architect.

After School Programs

From 3:00-6:00pm, we provide a warm after-school environment supervised by two staff members hosted in one of our classrooms. After-care activities will include trips to an outdoor and movement time on our indoor play space. Children will be guided through art exploration activities including collage, painting, recycled art projects and more. Children will also have access to materials that inspire open-ended exploration including blocks, puzzles and rhythm instruments. The school provides a snack of fresh fruits, vegetables, and rice crackers.

Enrichment Program
This year we are offering Enrichment Courses after school at the Flatiron and SoHo Campuses. The Fall Session offerings are listed below. For pricing and availability email lizc@themontessori.org or laurelt@themontessori.org.

Little Lotus Yogis
(Open to Primary Students only)

Little Lotus Yogis allows children to explore yoga in a playful and imaginative environment. Children will exercise and balance the body and mind through music and movement, dance and play. Animated poses and stretching are used to strengthen self-awareness, coordination and balance. Children will develop self-regulation with breathing, visualization and relaxation techniques to help focus, relax and develop self-control. Each class encourages teamwork, social skills and development of motor coordination to build confidence and self-esteem.

Suzuki Music Lessons with Tone Academy
(Open to Primary Students only)

Tone Academy, home to one of the premier Suzuki and early childhood education programs in NYC, is helping student begin their musical journey this fall. We'll explore all the basics - rhythm, melody, and harmony - once a week through movement, experimentation, and group gameplay. Tone will provide resources for home practice for the whole family, who are invited to join us for an end of semester performance. Students will also have the opportunity to hear and explore music from classical, to jazz, to samba, and more!

Chemistry Kids with Curated Care
(Open to Primary Students only)

Expand their world with science! Each week we will explore new scientific topics, including liquid density, surface tension, magnetic forces and gravity. Experiments are fun and hands-on to get children excited about the world around them! This class nurtures curiosity and builds a love for learning & exploring!

Moving and Grooving with Curated Care
(Open to Primary students only)

Learn the fundamentals of music: rhythm, tempo and beat. Led by a guitar-based musician, children will explore beat and rhythm structures as they engage with songs and instruments that inspire movement and dance. This class focuses on exploration and peer socialization - all while movin' and groovin' to fun and engaging beats!

Drama Class with Make a Scene!
(Open to Primary students @ our SoHo location only)

Your children's imaginations will take center-stage as they act out beloved stories and characters. We'll explore puppetry, pantomime, and physical and vocal characterizations through dynamic games and guided improvisations. As children learn to "make a scene," they will develop confidence, creative expression, and have tons of fun working as an ensemble with their peers