When I Grow Up

Jack wants to be a fireman.

Our Parent Association

Friends of Montessori Foundation

The mission of the of the Parents Association is to raise money for two worthy causes: need-based scholarships and continuing education for our teachers.

Scholarships allow our school to increase the diversity in our children’s classrooms. Not many New York City Independent Preschools offer scholarships but ours do! We were able to contribute significantly every year to this initiative and we are going to continue to make a big effort to raise scholarship money. This does make a positive contribution to every classroom.

Continuing education for teachers allows us to provide ongoing education for our teachers during the school year and also to help teachers pursuing further Montessori certification during the summer. This will help attract and keep faculty as well as help our current teachers continue to develop professionally.

These two goals will help establish a presence in the world at large that makes our program stronger. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to our foundation.

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