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We are a community of learners, children and adults alike. When the world is your classroom, the potential for improvement is everywhere. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, please reach out to our team of educators and childhood development experts at:

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Too Young or Just Right for a Full Day Program

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The classroom is a safe place for your toddler to practice his or her newfound sense of autonomy, as well as to grow in confidence and in capabilities. At The Montessori Schools, the classroom is also a place customized to the individual needs of your child, making a full day program a viable, nurturing option.

Early Morning Routine

After saying warm, yet brief, goodbyes at 8:30 AM, parents leave the children at the classroom door to enter on their own initiative. Inside, each child is greeted with a handshake.

The children put their belongings away in their cubbies and change into their inside shoes.

The children are now free to choose any activity in the classroom that calls to them. They may stay with their chosen work for as long as they like.

All finished? The child then returns the material to its spot on the shelf. Before selecting something new, he or she has made the previous work ready for the next child.

During this time, our teachers observe the children and give lessons in response to their readiness for developing or refining a skill. A child’s interest in specific activities is noted and their progress is tracked and incorporated into individualized lesson plans.

Midmorning Community Building

Rice crackers, fresh fruit, vegetables, and water are typical options for communal snack. We also set aside time for movement activities and singing together, as well as for group storytelling.

Regardless of weather conditions, we have several options for active play: indoor playground, guided movement room (yoga, dancing), exploring the city outside.

Safety first! Madison Square Park is often the focus of a leisurely stroll. “Pinny” vests clearly identify the children as part of our school group. When the children are ready, when the capacity to follow our directions is consistently there, the playground is also an option.

Midday Options

Our community gathers together at 11:30 AM. Lunch is an ideal time to practice our table manners and social skills.

At nap/quiet time, which begins at approximately 12:15 PM, children arrange their mats, positioning them throughout the classroom. Lights are dimmed, and soft music is played. Teachers are there to soothe anyone who needs a little help settling down from the day’s activities.

Wake-up! Around 2:15 PM, the classroom becomes a little livelier, as children put away their napping sets, try the toilet, and get ready for dismissal at 3:10 PM. This is a period of increased socialization, as there is much to discuss. The school day has introduced many new ideas and new experiences. Little bodies and growing minds have had the opportunity to practice new skills: social, emotional, and academic. The close of a full day, but also a very fulfilling day.

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