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Advantages of Montessori, Part 3 of 3: Ongoing Education

Ongoing Education and into Adulthood

The advantages of a Montessori early childhood education become more evident when you follow the student’s journey when moving from the primary level to kindergarten. The Montessori child is well prepared for the potential challenges that he or she may face.

Beyond The Montessori Schools

Our early childhood classrooms introduce your child to a carefully choreographed series of phases designed to progressively introduce more and more freedom. When our students eventually leave us for their ongoing education, they are well prepared to extend their intellectual and physical reach.

For example, upon moving into elementary, the Montessori child’s significant experience within the toddler and early childhood classrooms of having to choose his or her own work is an advantage. The child expands this knowledge base to include being accountable for their work through having to track their own activities. Similarly, the care and maintenance of environment become more intense in subsequent grades, but the foundation principles of responsibility and ownership have already been established.



Mastery over self gives way to mastery of the classroom environment,
the original impetus for an innate ability to overcome future challenges in life.



Sense of Self and Responsibility

Our students consider themselves custodians of the school building and grounds and, ultimately, of the greater community and world. They have been encouraged time and time again to take on the responsibility of equipping and shaping their own environment to fit their own needs. Therefore, when the time comes (with the expansion of the classroom’s boundaries), the children subsequently apply these experiences to making positive changes in the world outside the school building.

So, is it any surprise that attributes originally nurtured in the Montessori classroom, such as being a self-starter, an innovator, a leader, are highly desirable later in life? Consider the long list of accomplished graduates of the Montessori method.

Special Time in a Child’s Life

The Montessori classroom provides a special opportunity for a child—the experience of having mastered skills, an environment, and ultimately oneself through the repetition and perfection of the daily tasks of living life. Repetition plays a critical role in this critical work, for the process that a child undergoes in the classroom is an end in itself. The process is one of becoming progressively more independent.

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