When I Grow Up

Video Transcript

My name is Hugo, and I am 4 years old.

When I grow up, I want to be a policeman.

Angela Ciocca

Angela Ciocca, Co-Founder & Academic Chairperson

Ms. Ciocca is the Founder and Director of La Prima Casa Montessori, our sister school in Miami, Florida. She began her commitment to the Montessori method as a student teacher in a Montessori environment while at the University of Miami. Ms. Ciocca earned her Masters in Education in 1995 graduating Summa Cum Laude. She followed this by obtaining her International Montessori Degree with an intensive 18-month program in Perugia, Italy. She was awarded this honor by none other than the granddaughter of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Upon returning to the States, Ms. Ciocca continued as a lead teacher in both public and private Montessori schools. In 2004, she realized her dream and opened La Prima Casa (LPC) Montessori in downtown Miami.

The school became so successful that in 2007 she, along with her brother Marco Ciocca, opened a second and larger La Prima Casa campus modeled after an Italian village.

Ms. Ciocca’s firm belief in the Montessori philosophy has been the foundation of LPC’s success and her continued vision has created The Montessori at Flatiron. Her vast experience in the classroom and as an administrator provides a unique perspective that allows her to balance the interests of children, parents and teachers. First and foremost, however, Ms. Ciocca is a passionate Montessori educator. She is constantly working with teachers on how to be better Montessori guides. She also understands the importance of parent involvement and works tirelessly to engage parents and give them opportunities contribute to the Montessori experience of their children.

As Academic Chairperson of The Montessori at Flatiron, Ms. Ciocca oversees the academic curriculum and ensures the faithful implementation of Montessori methods and philosophies throughout the school.