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When I Grow Up

Video Transcript

My name is Hugo, and I am 4 years old.

When I grow up, I want to be a policeman.

Parent Testimonials

Bluntly, our daughter is a completely different girl as compared to prior to attending The Montessori Schools. She is confident, verbose and empathetic to her peers. We know that most of this growing/learning has come as a result of the wonderful education that the school's team has given her. Thank you again for all the time you have dedicated to her, both in her education and feedback that you give to us (daily). The Montessori Schools' dedication to teaching is very impressive and we certainly would highly recommend Montessori to other parents.
-2014-2015 Toddler Parents
We chose The Montessori Schools 2s program as we were simply hoping to provide our son with consistent access to his peer group and, as a non-native English speaker, greater exposure to language. In just his first year, our son has made great strides in his language development as well as his ability to play well with other children and emotionally self-regulate, all things that will support learning in the coming years. The school---i.e., the wonderful staff, the highly-trained teachers, the beautiful space and the philosophy that supports it---have helped our very active and spirited son tap into his gentle and sweet side while maintaining his strong, independent self.
-2013-2014 Toddler Parents
The Montessori Schools has been a truly wonderful experience for our son and our family. The school is extremely well run, staff is friendly and professional and parents receive frequent communications about classes, activities and events. Our son has grown emotionally and socially since being enrolled at the school. He has grown more independent and curious about everyday life and various activities, even simple things at home such as helping set up the dinner table, participating in cooking, or being a handyman with his dad! He comes home every day very excited and full of stories about the day, including his classmates and teachers. He thrives in the Montessori environment and also enjoys being around children who are older than him, as he looks up to them as role models. We couldn't be happier with our choice.
-2013-2014 Primary Parents
What struck us first was the simple, warm, nurturing environment void of the sea of chaos that you find in many schools. Although our daughter didn't speak any English when she began the year, the teachers and the students immediately made her feel comfortable. She quickly began opening up and communicating more - in school, at home and in public settings. The Montessori approach seems very personal, embracing and nurturing the individual child. This unique method of learning allowed our daughter's true personality to shine through within months. We couldn't be happier, and neither could our daughter.
-2013-2014 Primary Parents