When I Grow Up

Video Transcript

My name is Hugo, and I am 4 years old.

When I grow up, I want to be a policeman.

Parent Testimonials

Our son is in his fourth year and has been through the whole program from toddler to primary. He has really improved and he's learned how to recognize all his letters and numbers and our teacher has been very supportive and very communicative. The teachers are great, the faculty are great, the other families are great. You really feel like you are part of something special being in The Montessori Schools. We love it.
- 2020-2021 Primary Parents
My daughter is in a primary class and absolutely loves the school, her teachers and all her friends. I think the school has done a great job developing her confidence, focus and independence. When the pandemic started, the school put together a very comprehensive online learning program in a short time window. Since then, the school has been preparing for a safe reopening. Thanks to that, my daughter has been enjoying in person learning since the end of August, safely and happily.
- 2020-2021 Primary Parents
My son is in the toddler distance learning program. We love Montessori for the curiosity and the engagement that the school cultivates. 
The adventures in learning that the teachers provide students have helped create a very tangible, tactile environment for learning, even in the context of a digital curriculum. We love the school and the teachers and are thrilled with our son’s development. It is wonderful to see.
- 2020-2021 Toddler Distance Learning Parents
We love Montessori and more importantly, our son does. We were worried about the full days because our son is a little shy, but he loves going to school. It is one of the best decisions we've made. And they've done an amazing job of keeping them safe and healthy, and we feel very comfortable with having him there every day.
- 2020-2021 Toddler Parents

I'm very impressed with the community factor. The teachers are so warm and loving and the community they create in the classroom was just incredible, so every time we see kids outside the school, they wave to each other in a way that it's almost as if they see family members. There’s a lot of respect and love for each other.

Now with COVID... Even with the masks, face shields, and distancing, it's still so warm and wonderful. My kids go in there every morning happy and when I pick them up, they just had the best time.

- 2020-2021 Toddler & Primary Parents

Our son is our third child to go through The Montessori Schools. We found this is the only preschool that has a true curriculum for toddlers, and it's been fun to watch our son, who’s not even two years old, to see how he thrives in the classroom and takes part in his environment. I highly recommend.
- 2020-2021 Toddler Parents
One of the many things we love about Montessori is that neither of our kids asked once to stay home from school. We always knew when I'd drop them off that they were going to have a great day.
- 2020-2021 Primary Parents
We’re from out of state and I looked at countless schools and really stressed over our decision, but I could not be more thrilled with the individualized approach. It's really been extraordinary. The communication regarding COVID has been seamless, thorough, detailed - we feel safe and secure sending our son to school there every day. As a parent I don't think that you can ask for much more. He will have a wonderful education and he is surrounded by fabulous leadership.
- 2020-2021 Toddler Parents
This is our third year at the school and we just can't recommend it highly enough. We chose it initially for proximity and knowing a little bit about the Montessori education. We’ve been so delighted over and over again by the teachers, by the community and by the friendships we formed with other parents across the years.
- 2020-2021 Toddler Parents